TM Oversized Air Hammer Dies

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Power Hammer Oversized Roughing Head

Oversized Roughing Head

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SMS-0285 $255.

Power Hammer Oversized Upper Hammer Head

Oversized Upper Hammer Head

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SMS-0286 $225.

Power Hammer Oversized Low-Crown Die

Oversized Low-Crown Die

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SMS-0287 $185.

Power Hammer Oversized High-Crown Die

Oversized High-Crown Die

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SMS-0288 $185.

Wooden Die Blocks

Our Die Blocks are hand-crafted from beautiful walnut or mahogany (depending on material available). They will protect your dies from being damaged and make for easy access when looking for a specific die. The Oversized Block holds 8 large/oversized dies.

Oversized Die Block

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SMS-0301 $175.

Complete Oversized Die Set

If you are doing a lot of large panels, you’ll want to take advantage of our new Oversized Die Kit. The kit includes two upper dies (our original Oversized Roughing Head, plus our new Oversized Upper Hammer die), and two lower dies (a high-crown and a low-crown) that cover a wide range of shaping operations. The kit also comes with our smaller Oversized Wooden Die block which is designed to hold these larger dies, and makes for easy-access to your dies while protecting them from damage. Please note that the Kit offers you a significant discount over buying the parts separately.

Complete Oversized Die Set (all 4 dies + Oversized Die Block)

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SMS-0020 $895.